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Why Scrambled Eggs Taste Better From A Restaurant Than At Home
Scrambled eggs are deceptively simple, but just because you've heated and stirred your eggs until they're done doesn't necessarily mean they'll taste amazing. Most diners can attest that restaurant scrambled eggs are vastly superior to homemade versions, so what are restaurant chefs doing differently?
Firstly, adding milk to your eggs is a popular "hack," but it can actually make the eggs rubbery, so Chef Sam Davis-Allonce recommends adding one-half teaspoon of water per egg instead. According to food scientist Natalie Alibrandi, the steam from water results in a fluffier texture and a more even cooking job for your eggs.
Also, chef Mark Bittman uses very low heat to scramble 4 to 5 eggs for around 30 minutes, but even if you don't have that time, he still advises that you "Do not lose patience." Gordon Ramsay suggests starting the eggs on medium until they solidify, taking them off for a minute, then putting them back on for a minute or two.