Vertical picture of a large modern cruise ship.
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Why Royal Caribbean Is Eliminating Its Classic Menu Options
If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know that the abundance of restaurants and food buffets on board are one of the best parts. For years, Royal Caribbean cruise ships have offered “classic” menu options in their main dining rooms, but for 2023, the cruise line is testing out a major change to their dining experience.
The "classic" menu offers basic options like salmon and spaghetti to guests as an alternative to themed "menus of the day," but Royal Caribbean is eliminating these basic menu options in January. Global Vice President of Royal Caribbean Culinary, Dining & Beverage, Linken D’Souza, has a few reasons for streamlining the menu.
D’Souza says that it can take guests two and half hours to dine in the ships' main rooms, and crew members have been overwhelmed and slowed down by large menus. He hopes that a streamlined menu will result in faster service and fresher food, following an overall trend of restaurants shrinking their menus for quality control.