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Why Room Temperature Butter Is Essential When Making Buttercream
When it comes to America's favorite type of frosting, buttercream is at the top of the list, so much so that a popular buttercream formula is known as "American buttercream." If you want to make a perfect batch of buttercream yourself, it’s important to pay close attention to the temperature of your butter.
Buttercream usually consists of simple ingredients like butter, powdered sugar, milk or cream, and salt, but you can end up with a chunky, sugary mess if you use cold butter. Cold, solid butter is difficult to cream and combine with the other ingredients, leading to buttercream with either a water or clumpy consistency.
Melting your butter in the microwave can also cause problems for your buttercream, so room-temperature butter is the only option for good frosting. Leave your butter on the counter for at least 30 minutes before you prepare your frosting and see how easily it combines with the other ingredients for the perfect, fluffy results.