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Why Riesling Can Be Stored For Longer Than Most Other White Wines
As the old saying goes, wine gets better with age, but in the case of store-bought wine, this might not hold true. In fact, most bottles are meant to be enjoyed within five years, and whites and rosés should be served even sooner. However, there is one notable exception — Riesling — which can keep longer due to its unique properties.
Red wines last longer than whites due to their high content of tannins, which act as a preservative, however, whites are tannin-free meaning they should be usually enjoyed sooner. Riesling is an exception because of its exceptionally high acidity, which provides structure as the wine matures, helping evolve into a more golden and textured wine.
Aside from its high acidity, Riesling’s increased levels of residual sugar, in addition to winemaking processes involving maturation in oak, may also contribute to the successful aging of this wine. However, this only pertains to pricier bottles, which can be cellared for decades when stored at the proper humidity and temperature.