Gimlet Kamikaze cocktail in crystal glass with lime slice and ice on wooden background with fresh limes and spoon.
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Why Ranch Water Could Be The Next Hard Seltzer
A new Western-inspired drink is capturing the hearts—and taste buds—of those who love refreshing, not-too-sweet cocktails. The drink, ranch water, gained popularity in Texas before turning into a TikTok trend that capitulated it to national stardom, for good reason.
Ranch water originated in Texas ice houses, open-air dive bars, and is made with only two simple ingredients: tequila and seltzer. Perhaps because of its Western mythos, simple ingredients, or “better for you” branding, the drink went viral and has become a nationwide offering.
To make it for yourself, pour sparkling water and tequila in a 2:1 ratio over a glass of ice, with as much lime juice as you’d like, and add agave or pineapple juice if you’d like something sweeter. Otherwise, canned ranch water is a good bet, with a similar taste to at-home and in-bar versions.