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Why Princess Anne Eats Overripe Bananas
Everyone has their own strange or even objectionable quirks and preferences when it comes to food, including royalty. Steven Scott Kaye, a former footman to Queen Elizabeth II, has revealed that Her Royal Highness Princess Anne only eats her bananas after they're ripened to a black color, though she may have a good reason for it.
A former royal chef of 15 years, Darren McGrady, has corroborated Kaye's story, and explains that overripe bananas are easier to digest, which is likely why the Princess Royal enjoys them this way. Over time, a banana's starch content converts into simple sugars, making the fruit easier to digest and much sweeter.
Older bananas also have a lower fiber content, allowing them to pass more easily through the digestive tract. By the same token, eating overripe bananas provides a quicker source of energy than yellow bananas, so perhaps Princess Anne, who is known for staying on top of her health, doesn't have such an weird habit after all.