Pound cake with orange glaze
Why Pound Cake Always Merits High Quality Ingredients
Pound cakes, traditionally made with a pound each of butter, eggs, flour, and sugar, are one of the easiest desserts to make, but it's not impossible to mess them up.
A common mistake is using subpar ingredients. Generic brands of flour or sugar work for a variety of recipes, but not super simple baked desserts where every ingredient counts.
Generic granulated sugars are usually more finely ground than their name-brand counterparts. This could lead to an overly sweet pound cake that might collapse on itself.
Store-brand flours often lack the softness of name brand cake flours due to their higher protein content. This can rob your cake of that desired fluffiness and soft texture.
Measuring your ingredients wrong is also a huge mistake. Measure butter by weight so you don't overload your cake, which can hinder its rise and give it a greasy feel.
Choose high-quality ingredients, because there's no room for error in such a simple cake. Investing in name brands, even if they’re slightly pricier, ensures consistent quality.