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Why Pancakes Taste Better At A Diner Than At Home
Pancakes are a delicious breakfast staple, but making them from scratch can be tricky, and batches of flapjacks that are thin, lumpy, or flavorless aren't an uncommon problem. However, every time you order this dish at a restaurant or diner, you get fat, flavorful, fluffy stacks of pancakes — so how do you make them like a restaurant chef?
Contrary to common advice, you should start with ingredients that are fresh out of the fridge when making pancakes. Using room-temperature ingredients can cause chemical reactions in the batter to begin prematurely, and once you've combined your ingredients, don't overwork the batter; a few lumps are good and normal to have.
Another mistake is adding or substituting ingredients in your batter; for instance, when making buttermilk pancakes, never substitute buttermilk with whole milk. Also, if you own a griddle, cooking your pancakes on there will produce diner-like results, but if you don't, there's nothing wrong with ordering great flapjacks at your local greasy spoon.