A stack of pancakes with butter and maple syrup
Why Pancakes And Waffles Taste Better At A Restaurant Than At Home
Diner pancakes and waffles often taste better than homemade versions due to a commitment to classic, whole ingredients and well-thought-out techniques.
While many diner chains keep their batter recipes a secret, they often use a straightforward approach that uses a hot griddle and traditional batters, which is the best policy.
When it comes to technique, established chains have it down to a science. Marie Grimm, IHOP's vice president of culinary innovation, revealed to Delish how to make a killer batter.
She noted that wet ingredients should be "ice cold." This stops the ingredients from prematurely heating the gluten in the flour, resulting in a springy texture.
Another advantage is better equipment. While the griddles themselves can vary, diners are pretty much all working with a waffle iron or griddle that's already hot.