Overripe bananas isolated on white with shadows
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Why Overripe Bananas Make The Best Milkshakes
While Oreo, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate milkshakes are some of the most popular kinds, there are plenty of other underrated shake flavors, like banana. A creamy, thick banana milkshake is a glass of tropical paradise, and this is why you should use bananas that aren't a perfect yellow color, but rather overripe.
For the best banana milkshake, you not only want to use an overripe banana, which is especially sweet and concentrated in flavor, but one that is frozen, since it will help to create a thick and creamy texture that doesn't even require ice cream. If all you have are fresh bananas, try baking them before blending your shake.
An oven set to 300 degrees Fahrenheit will soften the fruit and make it sweeter in as little as 15 minutes, and after that, you can freeze the baked bananas. The fruit will create a beautifully thick shake with a little help from milk or a milk substitute, some ice, a sweetener like honey, and flavorings like vanilla extract, if you desire.