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Why Ordering Biscotti In Italy May Be Confusing To Americans
Many residents of the U.S. know Italian biscotti as long, crispy cookies that may contain fruit and nuts, often served cafés with a cup of coffee. However, ask for a biscotti in Italy and you'll likely be served something different, depending on which region you visit, because "biscotti" doesn't refer to just one specific cookie.
Biscotti is derived from the Latin word biscotus, which means "twice-baked," and in Italy, the term refers to cookies with different shapes, sizes, and ingredients that are baked twice to a crispy texture. That's why you should research the region you're visiting to find out which cookie you'll likely be served when you ask for biscotti.
One of the most popular biscotti cookies is the Amaretti, and regions including Lombardy, Sicily, Piedmont, and Emilia-Romagna offer versions of this round, powdered sugar-coated cookie with almonds and apricots. You may also come across lemon and cinnamon biscotti alla cannella, or sesame-seed covered biscotti regina.