A bloody mary garnished with celery, bacon and olives.
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Why Ordering A Bloody Mary After Brunch Is A Risky Choice
With ingredients like Tabasco sauce, tomato juice, lemon juice, celery salt, and vodka, the classic Bloody Mary packs a flavorful punch that can really wake you up at brunch time. In fact, the Blood Mary is such a brunch staple that it's rather unwise to order one come dinnertime, unless you want to create trouble for the restaurant.
Besides the fact that a tomato cocktail may not pair so well with your evening steak or pasta order, Bloody Marys may be your bartender's least favorite drink to make in the evening, since many bars are not set up to prepare this complicated drink at dinnertime. Most places actually put away their Bloody Mary ingredients after brunch.
"Drinking a Bloody Mary at night is akin to ordering a Negroni at 10 a.m. with your eggs and toast," InsideHook says. This doesn't necessarily mean the bartender will turn you down, but you may end up with a half-heartedly assembled Bloody Mary, or worse, one made from a convenient but flavorless pre-made mix.