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Why Olive Wagyu Is Often Called The Rarest Steak In the World
Notorious for their intensely marbled meat, wagyu steaks have strict rearing and grading criteria that ensure melt-in-your-mouth quality. All wagyu are not created equally, and some steaks are more prized than others. Olive Wagyu is one of the most prized because of its unique rearing process.
The rich flavor and fine-grain marbling of an Olive Wagyu steak is the result of feeding Koruge Washu cattle a diet of toasted and caramelized olive pulp. The diet results in a yellow-tinged steak that has hints of umami, notes of olive oil, and a buttery quality thanks to an abundance of mono-saturated fats.
Olive Wagyu costs upwards of $300 for a single steak because the meat is incredibly difficult to source; there are only 2,200 heads of Koruge Washu cattle, and only a few are harvested each month. However, a limited amount of A5 Olive Wagyu steaks are available on the Crowd Cow website.