Nespresso Vertuo pods
Why Nespresso Vertuo Pods Cost More Than The Original Ones
Nespresso Vertuo pods are more expensive than the Original pods for a few different reasons. The most obvious is that they tend to be larger and contain more coffee grounds.
Tech-wise, the Vertuo pods are more advanced. Each pod comes with a unique barcode so the machine can recognize the coffee grounds and adjust its settings.
There are also research and development costs, such as the Centrifusion™ technology on their Vertuo line, which creates a rich coffee while protecting the aroma.
Vertuo's ability to brew a wide variety of coffee types and sizes from a single machine is another important selling point, allowing Nespresso to sell its pods at higher prices.
Market dynamics and consumer experience could also be at work. You can only buy Vertuo capsules through Nespresso's own channels, which allows better control over pricing.