Roast Beef and Swiss Panini on Focaccia Bread- Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera
Why Melted Cheese Is An Actual Necessity On Some Sandwiches
There are many details to consider when making a great sandwich. You may or may not prefer melted cheese, but sometimes, it's a necessity that keeps other ingredients in place.
Slippery ingredients, such as tomatoes or onions, often spill out from sandwiches when you take a bite. Using the melted cheese and proper assembly can keep everything together.
The trick is to melt the cheese on top of the other ingredients to bind them and keep them from slipping out. Melting cheese directly on the bread will not have the same effect.
In addition to the cheese, keeping wet ingredients away from each other by layering drier ingredients between them is sure to create a perfectly balanced and sturdy sandwich.