A McDonald's sign outside of the store
Why McDonald's Named Its Latest McFlurry After Grandma
McDonald's new Grandma McFlurry, launched at the end of May 2024, pays homage to the butterscotch, caramel, and toffee candies found at the bottom of grandma's purse.
The newest McFlurry uses the same creamy, vanilla ice cream you'd expect combined with an orange-brown butterscotch-flavored syrup and crunchy candy bits.
It's served in a pink, red, and white cup featuring the logo on a design that looks similar to your grandma's crochet work. It's even adorned with an "XOXO, Grandma" at the bottom.
The sweet treat is only available for a limited time, so your best bet is to try a Grandma McFlurry as soon as possible.