Pouring a glass of whisky with ice, in a dark background.
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Why May 4th Is An Important Date In Bourbon History
Unlike other types of whiskey, bourbon is primarily made from corn, and it gets its name from the fact that it was originally produced in Bourbon County, Kentucky. National Bourbon Day falls on June 14 each year, but there is a more important date that made Bourbon Day possible and allowed it to become the spirit of the United States.
According to The Bourboneer, bourbon was declared “a distinctive product of the United States” and a separate category of whiskey on May 4, 1964. This is why May 4 is known as Bourbon Independence Day and is a day to enjoy a glass of bourbon neat or on the rocks while you celebrate the history and heritage of this unique spirit.
One of the best ways to celebrate Bourbon Independence Day is by visiting a distillery to take a tour and learn about bourbon’s history, the process of making it, and how to taste it like a pro. No matter how you celebrate, raise a glass on May 4 to the spirit that has become a symbol of American heritage and independence.