Block of butter with chunks cut off
Why Matty Matheson Stores 4 Pounds Of Butter In His Fridge
If you were to take a peek inside Canadian chef Matty Matheson’s fridge at any given time, you would see something interesting: a whopping four pounds of butter.
Matheson is renowned for his restaurant, Toronto’s Prime Seafood Palace, and appears on Hulu’s “The Bear.” In a tour of his fridge, he explained what's behind his butter stockpile.
“We’re a dairy-heavy family,” Matheson says, referring to himself, his wife, Trish, and their three children. The chef revealed that the butter is used mostly for baking.
“The kids love making cookies, cupcakes, or pancakes with my wife, Trish,” he says. The butter surplus supports home cooking, rather than being a restaurant chef secret.
Matheson said, “Being married and having three children has really changed [what I make]. I still make a lot of food, but I also just want to make stuff that my kids want to eat too.”
He went on to say that he finds it satisfying to make high-quality food and see his kids enjoy it as they experience tasting flavors that are new to them.
Matheson specifically recalled making Indian butter chicken for his kids, saying, “they loved butter chicken […] And they really enjoyed that, which warms my heart.”