Martha Stewart at the Dennis Basso Spring 2023
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Why Martha Stewart Uses Unsalted Butter In Pastry Crusts
Martha Stewart certainly knows how to bake a great pie, and she has advice on a certain ingredient that can really impact the flavor of your pie crust. In an interview with Food & Wine, Stewart revealed she always uses unsalted butter instead of salted when making a pie crust for one simple reason.
Stewart says that unsalted butter allows the baker to have more control over the amount of salt in a recipe. While salted butter seems convenient, some brands are saltier than others, which makes it impossible to accurately measure the amount of salt that will go into the crust, throwing off the balance of the ingredients.
Unsalted butter has more of a neutral taste and won't make your pie crust too salty by accident, and a noticeable saltiness definitely doesn't mesh with sweet pies. Using unsalted butter and adding the salt separately makes sure that your pie's flavors are in balance and that you're not eating more salt than you expect.