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Why LaCroix Was Temporarily Illegal In Massachusetts
Canned or bottled water can be sold in flat or sparkling varieties, and some brands add flavoring for a more fun drinking experience. LaCroix is one of the best-known and most lucrative brands of sparkling water with a hint of flavor, but the company struggled to find success in the state of Massachusetts during a snafu that got the law involved.
In Massachusetts, companies that sell canned carbonated beverages must acquire a permit and submit water quality tests to the state's Department of Public Health. In 2019, it was discovered that the National Beverage Corporation, owner of LaCroix, never obtained a permit or submitted any tests, so sales up to that point had been illegal.
The Department of Health notified the National Beverage Corporation that they had 10 days to apply for a permit and submit the necessary tests before they would face legal consequences. The company complied and paid all due fees, so LaCroix is no longer a beverage that you can get busted for drinking or selling in the state of Massachusetts.