Fresh baked sourdough bread
Why It's Worth Keeping Fresh Sourdough Bread Wrapped Up
Sourdough lasts anywhere from four to five days when stored at room temperature, but going through an entire loaf before it goes bad is not always realistic.
Refrigerating your bread will preserve it, but make it go stale rapidly. There's a better way to extend your sourdough's shelf life while also keeping it at room temperature.
Once your bread is three days old, wrap it in beeswax wrap, foil, plastic, or put it in a bread box. This will preserve its soft center and crusty exterior for a couple more days.
If you buy your sourdough, make sure to ask the baker when it was made, so you'll know how long you can leave it uncovered at room temperature.
Additionally, earlier isn't better. If you wrap it up too early, the sourdough could release moisture, which will get trapped and ruin the texture of the loaf's crust.
Once wrapped, the bread can usually sit on your countertop for another two to three days. At that point, if you still haven't eaten it all, it should be put in the freezer.
If you already know you won't finish your bread within five days, you can put it right into the freezer whole or sliced. It will last there for four to six months.