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Why It's Worth It To Sous Vide Sweet Potatoes
Cooking sous vide involves vacuum-sealing foods and placing them in a water bath inside a sous vide machine; the water is then heated to a temperature of your choosing and stays that way until the food is done for the most consistent and gentle cooking. Sweet potatoes are one vegetable that benefits greatly from sous vide.
When you sous vide vegetables, the vacuum seal ensures that flavors are locked in and can't escape, unlike methods like boiling or roasting that leach out or evaporate flavors. You can also cook foods to the exact temperature you want, and sous vide sweet potatoes cooked between 190 to 198 degrees F come out perfectly soft and tender.
Sous Vide Guy mentions that the sweet flavors in sweet potatoes can be amplified even more when cooked at this temperature, which is hot enough to transform their starches into sweet-tasting maltose. When you want the most flavorful sweet potatoes that are tender all the way through, sous vide is the way to go.