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Why It's Usually A Bad Idea To Grill Boiled Hotdogs
By Autumn Swiers
From eating competitions to a summer barbeque staple, hot dogs have been a favorite choice but a question all hot dog fans want answered is--grilled, boiled, or both? Unlike the ingredients list of the wiener, the answer is pretty straightforward: you shouldn't boil before grilling. Here's why.
According to The Kitchen Community, boiling your hotdogs before grilling can strip away their flavor so it’s better to choose one method. While many people boil before grilling since it is advised that you use room-temperature hot dogs for a thorough cook, chef and restaurateur “Elias Cairo” recommends a 3-5 minute pot simmer.
For extra fervid frankfurter fans, simmer your hot dogs in beer, as this will infuse the meat with that extra smoky flavor, especially when the grill marks hit that hot dog. “Food52” reports that a beer boil makes for a plump, succulent frankfurter that "tastes more like a hot dog than any other hot dog."