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Why It's Not Always Best To Substitute Canned Tomatoes With Fresh
There is much variation in the market of canned tomatoes, including different brands and consistencies from crushed to chopped to whole, but these products are generally similar enough to be interchangeable. However, a swap that can't always be made as easily is subbing in fresh tomatoes for canned ones.
You may think that fresher is always better, but fresh tomatoes only work in lieu of canned tomatoes if they're ripe and ready for consumption, which is rarely the case with supermarkets' fresh tomatoes. Picked while still green and firm for easier transport, these tomatoes are often bland, watery, and artificially ripened.
Canned tomatoes, on the other hand, are picked only once the fruit is at peak ripeness, giving them a more developed flavor. They’re also higher in lycopene, a nutrient that helps fight against different cancer and gives tomatoes their rich color, making them a fantastic option that shouldn't be shoved aside when a recipe calls for them.