A Japanese meal of mushroom ramen.
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Why It's Important To Remove The Base Of Enoki Mushrooms
Enoki mushrooms, the fifth most-produced mushroom in the world, are a truly unique kind of fungi that originate from Japan. This mushroom consists of a cluster of tightly-packed stems with small caps, which are the parts that are eaten, while the dense base of the mushroom is usually removed before consuming.
The base of enoki mushrooms is not toxic or dangerous to eat, but it does tend to hold a lot of dirt, and removing it ensures that you only eat the cleanest parts of the mushroom. Simply cut off the base of the mushroom, get rid of any individual fronds, shake off the loose dirt, and give the enoki a quick rinse to separate the stems and prevent clumping.
The stems of enokis have a savory flavor and a stringy, crunchy, chewy, and meaty texture. These mushrooms are a versatile addition to soups, curries, and stews, but also taste great when served raw, and offer a range of health benefits including various amino acids, anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-viral properties.