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Why It's Important To Let Marinara Sauce Rest After Cooking
Making a solid meal with marinara sauce seems straightforward: just grab your ingredients, let them simmer on the stove, and mix the sauce with pasta before serving. However, the tastiest marinara dishes often require some patience, and letting the sauce sit for a while after cooking makes the final result worth the effort.
To get more flavor out of marinara sauce, The New York Times recommends using a skillet, which cooks the sauce more evenly than a deep pot. After simmering the tomatoes and other ingredients well to extract all the rich, complex flavor you can, Chef Gourmet says to let the sauce rest for some time, even up to a full day.
Research has proven that slow-cooked marinara and tomato sauces become more flavorful the longer they sit, which adds more depth to your pastas and other recipes that are already jam-packed with flavor. Just make sure to follow food safety rules to cool your sauce down and let it rest properly before enjoying.