Scones on a baking sheet
Why It's Crucial For All The Pieces To Touch When Baking Scones
To really improve your scone game, make sure that they touch in the oven. This winning move results in scones that have soft, fluffy sides, a higher rise, and a more even bake.
As the scone dough rises in the oven, it expands, causing the sides to join up and forcing them to rise upwards. The result is a scone with a soft middle and a golden crown.
The sides that lightly fuse don't color like the tops because they aren't exposed to the oven's heat. Instead, they develop tender interiors, making them great for splitting open.
This also works well for scones that are cut into triangular wedges, squares, or circles. Simply make sure the pieces touch and you'll be rewarded with the ultimate baked good.