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Why It's Better To Smoke Oysters Off The Shell
There are many ways to eat oysters, such as steaming, scalloping, buttering, roasting, stewing, or grilling, but one of the best ways to cook fresh oysters is by smoking. A smoker will lend a multitude of nuanced savory flavors to the delicate oysters to create a super satisfying meal or appetizer, but be sure to shuck them first.
It is best to smoke shelled oysters in a grill basket, so that they not only cook faster, but the whole oyster comes into contact with the smoke and takes on a full flavor without the shell inhibiting the process. You can still save the oyster shells and pour boiling water over them to disinfect, then use them for serving.
A great option for wood when smoking shellfish is Alder wood, which won't overpower the delicate nature of the oyster while giving it a succulent sweet-woodsy flavor. For a more smokey kick, you can use a mix of hickory and oak, but it’s important to reduce the smoke time so you don't overwhelm the flavor of the seafood.