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Why It's A Bad Idea To Refrigerate Watermelon
There aren't many things more refreshing on a hot, summer day than eating a juicy slice of watermelon. Having a watermelon on hand, especially during the summer months, is always a good idea but what's the best way to store the melon to help maintain its freshness?
Many fruits and vegetables are best preserved in the fridge but the National Watermelon Promotion Board says that watermelon should only be placed in the fridge under two conditions: if it was already refrigerated or if it is already cut. Otherwise, storing your whole melon in the fridge leads to unpleasant changes in flavor, texture, and color.
According to the USDA Agriculture Research Service, refrigeration affects not just the taste and color of your watermelon but also decreases its nutrition levels. So, it's best to leave the watermelon at room temperature until you are ready to cut it because no one wants a subpar watermelon that is less delicious and nutritious.