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Why It's A Bad Idea To Refrigerate Bread
While it might seem like the right move to extend bread’s shelf-life, it's a bad idea to put it in the refrigerator, which will actually speed up the process that makes it go stale. Bread does best at room temperature, or, if necessary, you can throw it in the freezer.
If you've bought a sliced up loaf of bread from the store, keep it in an air-tight plastic bag, just not in the fridge, and if you have a loaf from the bakery that came in a paper bag, you should wrap it in plastic wrap or cut it up and put it in ziplock bags and store it at room temp.
You put bread in the freezer but not the refrigerator because the starches in go back to their crystalized state as they cool off, and the refrigerator is the perfect place for this to take place, but the freezer cools bread fast enough to avoid its slowing down the process of bread going stale.