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Why It Pays To Wrap Meat In Peach Treated Butcher Paper
Designed to protect raw meat and fish from contaminants, butcher paper is essential for keeping products in top condition when you take them home from the butcher shop. While butcher paper comes in many varieties, a lesser-known option is brightly-colored peach treated paper, which should be more popular due to its many advantages.
While this special paper bears a close resemblance to pink butcher paper, also called peach paper, which is used for smoking meats. The difference is that treated butcher paper is made using a water-resistant sizing agent that helps to keep meat fresh by preventing excess moisture from coming into contact with the meat.
Peach treated butcher paper also stands out for its breathability, and wrapping meat in this paper when barbecuing creates a better crust and locks in juices, making it a better choice than tin foil. Peach treated paper’s pleasant color is also great for hiding unappetizing stains that would appear on other papers or plastic wrap.