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Why It Pays To Sous Vide Sausage
Sausage is one of the most delicious and diverse meats in the world, and for busy chefs, frying them up is an easy and quick way to prepare them. However, raw sausages can cook unevenly in a pan, and the skin may even burn or split, so for the most consistent results possible, try cooking your links sous vide.
Sous vide involves cooking foods in a vacuum-sealed bag in temperature-controlled water; it usually requires a sous vide machine, but there are ways to create makeshift devices. This gentle method cooks foods evenly all the way through, and sausages cooked between 140 to 160 degrees F turn out perfectly juicy and tender.
It takes less than an hour for most sausages to cook through in a sous vide machine, and they can be kept warm in the water for up to 4 hours while retaining their perfect texture any longer than that and they'll turn mushy. Keep smaller sausages submerged for around 45 minutes, or a couple hours for bigger sausages.