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Why It Pays To Sous Vide
Duck Breast
Duck is super fatty, which makes for some moist and crispy-skinned poultry, but the bird must be cooked under a watchful eye and at the ideal temperature. Luckily, cooking duck sous vide is an effective and easy way to achieve a perfectly done duck since it allows for precise temperature control.
Sous vide allows for the food submerged in the water in an airtight bag to cook evenly on all sides and not have to experience dry heat, which is what you get in the oven. Additionally, you should prep your duck a day or so before by drying the breasts with paper towels, seasoning the skin and meat with kosher salt and your preferred spices, and leaving it in the fridge to crisp up.
Izzy Cooking says that duck can be cooked sous vide even if it isn’t cured beforehand, but the skin should be scored regardless. The sous vide will tenderize the duck and help it maintain the juiciness from the fat without overcooking the meat, and the skin can be crisped up with a quick sear afterward.