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Why It Pays To Sous Vide Cheesecake
Baking a traditional cheesecake that requires a water bath can be very tricky to get just right, but the method is essential for the gentlest cooking. If you can't seem to master the water bath, try a sous vide machine, which cooks fools sealed in an airtight container in water that is heated to a very precise, consistent temperature.
Using sous vide for cheesecake results in the most even cooking and creamiest final dessert with no cracking on top or uneven texture, like a water bath without the fuss. However, the size of the cake is limited to the airtight container you can use, with several smaller cheesecakes in mason jars being the easiest approach.
The ideal temperature for four-ounce jars filled with cheesecake is 176 degrees F, and cooking it for too long or at too high a temperature can cause the custard to curdle. It can take around an hour and a half to fully set in the sous vide machine, and just like a cheesecake from the oven, it will jiggle a bit in the center when removed.