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Why It Pays To Soak Shredded Cabbage In Water
Cabbage is an affordable and very nutritious vegetable that is beloved in many global cuisines, and in the United States, shredded cabbage is often used in tacos, coleslaw, soups, and more. When preparing shredded cabbage at home, you should always give it a quick and easy soak in water for the best end result.
Shredded cabbage can wilt rather quickly, and its powerful aftertaste may clash with the flavors of other ingredients. Letting finely shredded or chopped cabbage soak in water for one minute can help the veggie stay light, fresh, and crisp for longer, while also diluting some of its strong flavors and avoiding a stale taste.
After cutting your cabbage, put it in a bowl of water, then store the bowl in your fridge and let the cabbage soak until you're ready to use it. Drain and dry the soaked cabbage very well to avoid making your dishes watery or soggy, then enjoy your super fresh-tasting cabbage, whether you keep it raw or cook with it.