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Why It Pays To Freeze Coffee Beans Before Grinding Them
Brewing the ideal cup of coffee at home can be a complex process with multiple steps, each of which has room for interpretation. Luckily, scientific research can be used to guide you towards a great cup; for instance, grinding beans yourself is proven to yield more flavorful coffee, and chilling the beans ahead of time makes it even better.
The temperature of your coffee beans directly impacts the final size of your coffee grounds. Grinding beans that have been chilled in the freezer ahead of time results in smaller, more evenly-sized grounds that disperse into hot water faster, creating more flavor in your final cup of coffee while using fewer beans to make it.
Meanwhile, if your coffee beans are unevenly-sized, your coffee might gain a sour flavor from smaller grounds, and a bitter taste from larger ones. By freezing your coffee beans, you can ensure that all the particles in the ground coffee are being extracted at the same rate, giving you more flavorful coffee and less wasted grounds.