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Why It Pays To Flip Your Steak Often On The Grill
Juicy, tender steak makes for a delicious meal that almost every meat eater enjoys. As for the tastiest cooking method, Smithsonian Magazine says that the mere aroma of grilled steak makes it more tantalizing to the senses; however, you can't just rely on science to make your steak great, so grill it properly by flipping it often.
Many home cooks believe the myth that you should only flip your steak once, but on the contrary, flipping your steak multiple times cuts down on cooking time and keeps the grill temperatures hot and even on both sides of the meat. Food scientist Harold McGee recommends one flip every 60 seconds.
Also, an experiment by Serious Eats found that flipping steak only once results in a gray ring between the outer edges and the center, while frequent flipping led to a more uniform result. To ensure a nicely-seared crust, cookbook author Adam Perry Lang recommends basting the steak multiple times on each side.