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Why It Pays To Cover Warm Cake In Plastic Wrap
There are few things more disappointing than cutting into a cake to reveal a dry and crumbly interior. If you don't want to modify your recipe, there’s another easy way to prevent dryness that takes only a few seconds, and uses a pantry staple that you probably already have in your kitchen: plastic wrap.
By wrapping your cake with plastic wrap while it’s still warm, you can trap the steam inside the cake and keep it moist, but not soggy. You can either wrap your cake layers in plastic on their own or while still in the cake pan; just be sure to let the cake cool completely, or condensation will make it soggy.
If your cake is overbaked and you're worried it's too dry, you can still give the plastic wrap method a go; any remaining moisture and steam will be forced back into the cake, which may be able to save it. Next time you bake a cake, give this method a try, since it just might save an otherwise dry cake.