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Why It Pays To Cook Pasta Directly In The Sauce Rather Than Water
Most pasta dishes can be made in minutes, but properly timing your cooking so that the pasta and sauce are ready at the same time can be tricky, not to mention most recipes require multiple pots and pans. There are ways to make your pasta recipes quicker and easier, starting with the way you cook your pasta.
Many cooks know that the starchy water left over after boiling pasta can thicken sauces beautifully, but you can take things a step further and cook your pasta right in the sauce, instead of in a separate pot of water. This method saves you time and energy while adding extra body to your sauce and flavor to your pasta.
This tip becomes less foolproof if your sauce is thick to begin with, such as store-bought pasta sauces that are ready to eat without the need for reduction or extra starch. Try thinning out your thick sauce with stock before boiling your pasta in it, to avoid undercooked pasta in an overly pasty sauce.