Bottle of Stagg bourbon
Why Is Stagg Bourbon Such A
Rare Find?
There's a scarcity of Stagg or Stagg Jr. bourbon bottles on store shelves, but it's not because they've been retired or become less popular. They've simply been rebranded.
Both the Stagg Jr. line and Stagg have been merged into the "George T. Stagg" brand after the release of Batch 17 and 18 of Stagg Jr. bourbon in mid-2022.
If you're a long-time fan of the bourbon, you'll be pleased to know that Stagg Jr. and Papa Stagg are still very much alive as part of the annual George T. Stagg releases.
With Stagg bourbons no longer produced under their original labels, the ones existing today are the last of their kind. Their rarity and popularity make them great collectibles.