Sky scrapers in New York City skyline
Why Is New York The Bagel Capital Of The World?
New York state as a whole is considered a bagel haven due to factors unique to New York such as production method, water sources, and history.
A true New York bagel has specific textures, with a thick, crackly crust, a hearty, chewy inside, and perhaps a slight tang thanks to a bit of sourdough starter.
Peter Shelsky, owner of Shelsky's Bagels in Brooklyn, explains that cold-fermented dough is a big factor. Sourdough starter mixed with old dough is shaped into bagels.
Some claim that New York bagels are special due to the city’s water supply, and while scientists agree that water pH and minerals vary by city, it’s hard to taste the difference.
More likely, New York bagels are renowned for the dedication that goes into making them from hand-rolling to tried-and-true recipes, producing a myriad of delicious options.