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Why Is Blanton's Bourbon So Difficult To Find?
Blanton's Single Barrel is a highly sought-after bourbon launched by Kentucky's Buffalo Trace Distillery in 1984. It's aged in flavor-enhancing charred oak barrels for at least eight years, and each whiskey sold is selected, bottled, and even labeled by hand, capped with one of eight different collectible jockey and horse bottle stoppers.
Like most famous bourbons, it's very difficult to get your hands on Blanton's, partially because the spirit takes years to age, and distributors themselves decide which stores will be supplied with the alcohol. Another possible reason is that, until 2021, U.S. law prevented sellers of hard liquors from using direct-to-consumer sales models.
Currently, Blanton’s has many things for sale in its online store, but not bottles of its Single Barrel Bourbon. To find it, try keeping your eye on online alcohol stores (though they will be marked up at a premium), ask your local liquor store, or, if you’re really committed, you could find an airport that serves this bourbon on flights.