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Why India's Mango Pickle Should Be A Pantry Staple
Indian food is known for its diversity of flavor and generous array of condiments and side dishes to pair with every entree, and you can often find seven or more unique flavors in an Indian dish. You may be familiar with flavor-packed Indian chutneys and sauces, but not with mango pickles, a delicious condiment made of unripe green mangoes.
Like many other Indian offerings, mango pickle is spicy, and the sliced fruit is seasoned with oil, mustard seeds, garlic cloves, red chili powder, salt, and methi seeds to make a versatile condiment. Some varieties of green mangoes may be slightly more or less sweet than others, so you can make the pickle as sweet or sour as you like.
Mango pickles pair great with any rice dish, can spice up a BBQ sauce, and can even be mixed with mayonnaise for an excellent aioli. You've got spice from the red chili powder, sourness or sweetness from the mangoes, saltiness, garlicky flavors, and nuttiness from the mustard seeds, making for a pantry staple that can kick up any recipe.