Balsamic vinaigrette dressing for a salad, small glass jar with a whisk
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Why Ina Garten Thinks You Should Make Your Own Vinaigrette
Although Ina Garten is known for saying “store-bought is fine,” there are a few exceptions, like freshly grated parmesan and vinaigrettes. Since dressings often make or break a salad, it can be intimidating to make one on your own, but Garten has some tips that might change your mind.
Homemade vinaigrette can wake up the flavor of your salad while incorporating fresh, wholesome ingredients without all the additives and preservatives of store-bought. Plus, homemade vinaigrette is much cheaper, and in Garten’s words is “so much faster to make versus going to the store to buy it.”
Garten makes her vinaigrettes in less than 5 minutes in a glass measuring cup with a small whisk. For an even faster method, Garten sometimes skips mixing her vinaigrette and instead puts the ingredients straight into the bowl with the lettuce, letting the mixing spoons do the work.