Ina Garten smiling and holding a glass of cocktail
Why Ina Garten Recommends Starting Parties With A 'Getting To Know You' Cocktail
In her book "Go-To Dinners," Ina Garten recommends that hosts serve cocktails, wine, beer, or mocktails as soon as guests arrive to create a fun and warm atmosphere.
Garten writes of these "getting to know you" drinks, "There's something about offering a guest a special drink that says, 'We're having a party!' and 'I'm happy to see you.'"
Moreover, socializing with an object in one's hand can ease social anxiety and help guests get to know one another and settle into a perhaps-unfamiliar environment.
Garten also told CBS News that the key is to prepare and plan drink menus in advance so that you appear calm and ready to host, regardless of when and how your guests arrive.