Calgary, Canada - February 8, 2011 : A Starbucks "Grande" 16oz Coffee with a Peanut Butter Cookie. Shot in a photography studio on a wood table.
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Why Howard Schultz Left Starbucks In 1985 For Another Company
Howard Schultz's impact on Starbucks, starting with his joining the company in 1982, is undeniable. Schultz transformed the company from a small Seattle chain with just six stores into a worldwide café powerhouse — but oddly enough, the famed businessman and current interim CEO tried to leave Starbucks behind in 1985.
Schultz left Starbucks after a conflict with founders Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegl. Schultz, who visited Milan in 1983, wanted to replicate the Italian coffee house experience back home, but Starbucks had only ever sold roasted coffee beans and equipment, and the founders were lukewarm on the idea of selling coffee drinks.
Schultz did convince the Starbucks founders to experiment with serving espresso in 1984, but ultimately left over the disagreement, and founded the coffee company Il Giornale. However, in 1987, Starbucks' founders decided to sell the company, and Scultz and Il Giornale purchased it and built it into the iconic chain it is today.