Uramaki sushi rolls on a wooden cutting board
Why Getting Uramaki Rolls At Sushi Restaurants Is A Waste Of Money
Uramaki, or "inside-out rolls," have rice on the outside of the seaweed instead of the inside. Popular examples are California rolls and spicy tuna rolls.
While this construction makes the rolls unique, it also creates the potential for restaurants to skimp on fish when making them.
Sushi chef John Daley says, "when rice is put on the outside, you can use more rice. Rice is cheaper than fish, so they put rice on the outside to fill you up."
Untrustworthy restaurants may charge the same for uramaki rolls, even though they have less fish. Inexperienced chefs might add too much rice or toppings that affect the quality.
Uramaki rolls aren't bad, but they better suit sushi beginners that prefer rice over raw fish. Reputable spots or homemade uramaki can ensure a positive experience.