Full screen of Calabrian chili peppers
Why Getting Rid Of Chili Pepper Seeds Won't Temper Most Of The Heat
While many believe the seeds in chili peppers are the source of the spice, a natural substance within the pepper called capsaicin is responsible for the heat.
Capsaicin is mostly concentrated in the placenta — the white, firm, fleshy part directly beneath the stem — and the pith and ribs that line the inner side of the chili.
To remove as much heat from the pepper as possible, remove the entire white placenta, the seeds under the base of the stem, and the ribs, which are filled with capsaicin glands.
Always use gloves when chopping and preparing hot peppers, wash your hands thoroughly after you're done, and avoid touching your face and eyes.
While eating capsaicin can cause pain and irritation to our mouths, it is thought to be good for metabolism and contains anti-inflammatory properties.