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Why Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans Should Rest Before Being Ground
Coffee connoisseurs will tell you that coffee is better when made with freshly-ground beans, since the moment coffee is ground and exposed to air, oxygen begins to remove the oils, which are the source of the coffee's flavor. Generally, the sooner you brew the coffee, the better, but if you roast your own beans, things are a bit different.
To get the most flavorful coffee, wait a while before you grind freshly-roasted beans. Both during and after roasting, coffee beans release aromatic compounds and gasses, and giving them a proper rest or "blooming" period makes sure that all of these gasses are released and the flavors fully develop, while also preventing bitterness.
The amount of time that the beans should rest can vary based on the roaster's preferences, but most coffee shops advise resting the beans at least one day and up to three days before grinding them. Just remember that while coffee beans may need a rest, freshly-ground coffee does not, and should be brewed ASAP.