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Why Farmers Want You To Stop Peeling Back Corn Husks
Sweet corn on the cob is a summer and fall staple that can be grilled, boiled, roasted, or even used to make corn stock once all the kernels have been eaten. However, corn farmers around the world would like to place a cease and desist on customers peeling back corn husks when shopping for corn at the market.
Shucking corn before you buy it is a major faux pas that scatters corn silk and husks all over the place, while also exposing the kernels to the air and causing them to lose their moisture. This is inconsiderate to workers who have to clean up the mess, and to other shoppers who have to choose from dried-out corn cobs that you didn't buy.
Instead of peeling back the husks to see if corn is worth buying, examine the husks to see if they are green and not dry; feel the corn for firmness and heaviness; and check if the tassels of silk at the top of are yellow, white, or light brown in color. Also, to retain moisture, keep your corn in its husk in the fridge, until it's time to cook it.